Hello, my name is Daniela Escalona, and I live in Chile, in the beautiful south of our planet 🌱, I lead a life based on the food based on vegetables and I enthusiastically pursue the veganism 🥑. I love to draw and create illustrations of my daily life, of girls and other very tender things, which I sell through my shop on Etsy. I’m also developing a Youtube channel where you can see some details of my work and my day-to-day life. And on my Patreon page in you have access to digital illustration tutorials, to my sketches, to my blog, to tips and to all the behind-the-scenes of my work along with monthly gifts that I send to my patreons ❤️. In my day to day, I have a job as head of administration and finance, and in every free time I have I’m drawing, hoping to be able to dedicate 100% to share my work.

Drawing is something that for me is innate in all people, even those who think that drawing is not their thing. The first form of expression, the first way we communicate, even before speaking or writing, is drawing, so it’s always been something I’ve enjoyed, even though I never thought I could make a living out of it.

I devoted myself to studying and acquiring various kinds of knowledge until I was 27 years old, and drawing is something that has been transverse but that I was ashamed to show others, because I didn’t know they would think. Until I found myself in a full stage of my life, in which I realized that in the future I did not want to regret not having tried.

And so everything was born, first experimenting in my bullet journal and my sketchbooks, but then when I bought an iPad, everything was easier. Then I started uploading my drawings to my Instagram account and realized that I really only had to try because people like my work. 

Since then I spend all my free time drawing, creating content and turning my passion into my job and becoming a freelance illustrator and running my own business 💖

Thanks for reading! 

For queries or questions, you can send me an email at msdaniescalona@gmail.com


Ms Dani 😘